Superyummys Coco Yummys

Being that I was born and raised in South Florida, having a love for coconuts and coconut flavored products was always necessary (I tend to drink coconut water almost everyday).

I happily stumbled upon these super yummys (literally) coconut bites and I have never looked back since! They have six really great flavors including Dulce de Leche with Dark Chocolate (my favorite), Dulce de Leche with White Chocolate (a close second), Dulce de Leche with Yogurt Drizzle, Dulce de Leche with Red Berries Yogurt Drizzle, Dulce de Leche with Colombian Coffee (great for coffee lovers!!), and Dulce de Leche with Goldenberry Superfruit.

Superyummys are not only gluten free, but are Non-GMO and free of artificial flavor. I promise that if you haven’t tried these treats yet, you are severely missing out!! Check out their website for more information and their Instagram @superyummyssnacks <3

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