Wallaby Organic Yogurt

Wallaby Organic is a yogurt business based in California’s Napa Valley. Inspired by yogurt tasted in Australia, the founders of Wallaby make their low-fat yogurts from organic milk. Although lower in fat than leading competitors, the yogurt is extremely creamy and smooth. My favorite product is their vanilla bean flavored greek yogurt. Topped with fruit or granola, or even eaten plain, this is my go-to dairy-based snack during work or on the weekend. In addition to their greek yogurt, they also make lowfat Kefir and European-Style Sour Cream. Their brand (in the US) can be found in Whole Foods.

3 thoughts on “Wallaby Organic Yogurt”

  1. Hola,hoy para comer teníamos preparada una ensalada de garbanzos con salsa de yogur y curry, y estas tortitas nos venían ni que pintadas.Las he hecho en un pis pas, y el resultado ha sido espectacular: quedan esduaentas.Muchps gracias!

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